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January 19, 2019
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September 28, 2020
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“Thanks to the generosity of Sarah Hodnett, Cruse Bereavement Care Shropshire has been able to provide bereavement support to 6 people this year. Sarah, who runs a business called Beauty by Sarah in Shrewsbury, ran an event demonstrating her skills in beauty care and raised £600 which she has donated to Cruse. Sarah choose to make this donation because Sarah personally received bereavement counselling from 

Cruse after the tragic loss of her brother, in 2011. 

“Cruse was there for me at a crucial time of my grieving process. My volunteer counsellor helped me through a different time and I want to show my appreciation by giving something back.” Sarah.

Bereavement is something that we all will experience at some stage in our lives and for some of us it is a really difficult experience to deal with. Last year Cruse helped 450 clients aged from 6 to over 80 by being there to support them rebuild their lives. We offer free support to all our clients in face-to-face work, over the telephone, sign posting clients to other specialist agencies as well as in small therapeutic groups. We work in local community centres, renting rooms near to where clients live. Where mobility is difficult, we will go to the client’s home. On average, clients receive six sessions at a cost of £150. All our team are trained volunteers who give their time and expertise freely. Additionally we have to fund travel and training costs. We have to raise enough money through grants and donations so Sarah’s donation is warmly appreciated.

If you would like to join Cruse, as bereavement volunteer or in a supportive role, e.g. fund raising please email us at

shropshiretelford& or call us on 0845 606 6812

Sarah has helped to bring support to people she will never meet but who will always be grateful to her for supporting Cruse.